Woodside Bantams

White Bearded Silkie Bantam

White Bearded Silkie Bantam

Woodside Bantams are breeders and exibitors of Silkie bantams and Dutch booted bantams (Sablepoots). located in a rural village on the outskirts of Bath in N.E.Somerset.


The Silkie is available in large fowl and as a bantam we keep bantams, it is also available in a bearded and none bearded form we at woodside bantams breed both.

The Silkie is another breed that really is unlike any other chicken you are likely to come across. Its most obvious feature is its fur-like that feather that gives the bird unusual, some would say comical appearance. they look like balls of fluff with feathered feet and powder puff like heads.

The main colours are white,black,partridge, gold and blue.
Silkie are a very old pure breed and it is widely accepted that they origanated in Asia in the 13th century

Silkies have a wonderful gentle and calm character making it ideally suited to be kept in small back garden they dont fly due to their feathering and can be tamed very easily they make good pets for children

We have a gold silkie called Susie who runs to the fence when ever we walk near by she doesnt give up until someone makes a fuss of her


The booted bantam is a true bantam this means it has no large counterpart they are classed as a rare breed.

It is known to have been kept in the Netherlands since the 17th century it gets its booted name from the heavily feathered legs it has.These bantams are a proud thick set bird the breast is high and carried forward.

They are freindly and docile birds which are perfectly happy in small coops although as with all poultry the bigger the better.They are also great to let them free roam in the garden as the foot feathering stops them from causing damage to plants.They are very easy to tame and are firm favourites with children we know our grandchildren have fun with them.

Many colours are available we breed lemon millefleur which is a stunning colour

Silkies currently for sale

1 Gold silkie cockerel 10 months old Free to good home

1 White silkie cockerel 8 months old Free to good home
Both the above cockerels are surplas to our requirements as our breeding pairs has been selected for 2011

During 2011 we shall have available for sale white bearded silkie bantams,black silkie bantams and lemon millefleur sablepoots please contact us if you are interseted in reserving any of the above the youngsters will be bred from our exibition stock.

Contact Details:
Julie Tel 01225 422440

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