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Cream Legbars

Cream Legbars

Cream Legbars Polands Silkies

WoodBrook Poultry are located in Huntingdon between Cambridge and Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, they are a small family run concern running from their back garden as a hobby.

They breed:
Cream Legbars
Polands (Chamois),both flat feathered and Frizzle

The also have other breeds on a regular basis such as rescued ex-battery hybrids, various pekins and generally just any breed that they like that looks pretty.

Silkies are thought to be one of the older breeds of chicken, with descriptions of "birds with fur" dating back to the 13th century. They are a mild, tame breed. The females are known for going broody regularly, and therefore they do not lay a large quantity of eggs in comparison to other breeds, but they do make excellent mothers.They are unable to fly, and dont scratch up the earth as much as some of the other breeds.they have black skin, 5 toes and gorgeous blue earlobes.

The colour they keep is Gold Bearded, however they regularly have both Black and White non-bearded colours available from a friends' chickens.

Cream Legbars

Cream Legbars are a popular breed due to them being autosexing, this means that from the time that they hatch you can tell the sex that the chicks are. The females are characterised by the dark stripe down their back, and the males have a stripe that is much paler and have a yellow spot/patch on the top of their heads.


Polands are beautiful small fowl, characterised by their massive 'hat' hairstyles and amazing personalities. We have frizzle and flat feathered polands available.


Welsummers are a beautiful bird, the cockerel is the inspiration for the cockerel featured on kellogs corn flakes packages. The hens are known to not be flighty, in fact we've found them to be quite lazy!

Currently Available

POL and laying
2 Gold silkies
BREEDING TRIO Gold silkies, 2 Hens 32 weeks with a 1 year old, unrelated Cock

SILKIES Various ages/colours, chicks from day old, under heat lamp, to 12 weeks out in the garden

6 white leghorn/cross pullets
1 Magnificent Black Croad Langshan, (hatched from the Plum coloured eggs of the breed)

Hatching Eggs

We regularly have hatching eggs available in season. You can contact us to see what we have available.

Contact details:

Email: WoodBrookPoultry@hotmail.co.uk
or aagwoodbrookpoultry

Telephone 01480 469963

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