I was born in 1938 and thoughout the war and afterwards we kept chickens. Chicken was looked on as a luxury food then that you only had at Christmas and all the chickens were sold to neighbours and friends before they were killed. My father would kill the chicken and my job was to pluck the birds ready for my mother to draw out the insides and prepare for the customers. As a result the week leading up to Christmas was spent in a small living room plucking chickens and I still remember each Christmas my childhood plucking days.


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nice story
by: Tom of Jessies hens

That's a lovely story,and a reminder of what we take for granted in this day and age.All to easy to pick up a chicken from Tesco and the like for £3 and not think about it. Personally in the spring I get a dozen or so week old Cobb's feed them on corn let them range on the grass and then do them all when ready.They have so much more flavor than supermarket ones and I think you appreciate the birds more.My fifteen year old son can pluck draw and prepare a bird in about 30 mins now,and thats a life skill in itself!

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