The Intrepid 'Maran Bantam' Explorers

by J Cook

Adventures in the Snow

Adventures in the Snow

Adventures in the Snow Basking in the Sun

Maran Bantams are an adorable breed. They are very friendly and inquisitive and like to be involved in what ever is going on! (Let me help you with that digging, or as you can see in the picture what is all this white stuff?)

They are a wonderful breed to have as garden chickens as they are much smaller than the Maran Large Fowl but larger than your average bantam. This means that they don't take up too much space, but lay lovely dark brown or speckled eggs of medium size - which are delicious! The eggs have large yellow yolks so are perfect for poached eggs on toast - yum!

We love our Maran Bantams, Hope and Gloria.

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