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Light Sussex Hen

Light Sussex Hen

Light Sussex Hen Maran Eggs with a Light Sussex Egg Jubilee Indian Game Cockerel


The Hayter family has farmed at Scotland Place Farm since 1947. They are a traditional family-run livestock and arable farm in the heart of Constable country.

The Farm...

The 125 acre farm is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty,
It consists of 86 acres of grassland and 39 acres of arable.

All the grassland is under the management of the Suffolk Rivers Valleys Environmentally Sensitive Area, a DEFRA scheme designed to maintain and
enhance the landscape and wildlife of the Stour valley and its main tributaries.

All the arable land has been entered into the Environmental Stewardship Scheme, to encourage farmland wildlife.

6 acre wildflower field to provide feed for insects, including butterflies and bumblebees.

Rare Breed Poultry

Speckled, Red & Light Sussex

Dark & Jubilee Indian Game


Wheaten Marans


Hatching eggs available from all of the above breeds

Pullets now available

From 12 weeks old (100% sexed)

Light Sussex £15 / Speckled Sussex £17 / Red Sussex £19

Wheaten Maran £25 / Blue Wheaten Maran £30

Please contact us for availability


Additional Notes:

The Sussex is one of the oldest breeds in the UK and originated in the county of Sussex. The Sussex is a very popular breed to keep, bred to be a dual purpose bird. They are good layers of cream to light brown coloured eggs.

Indian Game were bred in Cornwall in the 19th century. They were popular due to their large proportion of breast meat and unique flavour. Although called Indian Game they are not classed as game. Crossbreeds of this bird are what we find in our supermarkets today.


Please contact us for information...

Simon & Tracey Hayter
Scotland Place Farm

Tel: (01206) 262293
Mobile: 07875 631450


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