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Black Orpington

Black Orpington

Black Orpington Maran Light Sussex Coop

Rushby Roost breeds and sells a variety of chickens and other poultry. Chickens for sale are Plymouth Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Ixworth, Light Sussex, Norfolk Greys, Buff, black, blue, white, Splash and Jubilee Orpingtons and Marans. They also also breed and sell Toulouse Geese, X Emden Geese, Norfolk Black Turkeys, Norfolk Bronze Turkeys.

They also supply hand built, fox proof traditional poultry houses, chicken Coops, hutches, sheds, aviaries and dog Kennels. All made to order.

Chickens for sale

Maran, Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red
6/9 weeks old £12
10/15 weeks old £14
16 weeks & older £18

Buff Orpington and Black Orpington chicks
6/9 weeks £15
10/15 weeks £18
16 weeks & older £25

Jubilee Orpingtons
6 to 9 weeks £20
10 to 15 weeks £25
16 weeks onwards £30

Norfolk Grey, Ixworth and Barred Plymouth Rocks all the same prices as the Orpingtons

Eggs for sale:
Hatching eggs available at most times. They will post to you in the appropriate poly egg boxes.
prices vary on different breeds so please enquire.

Turkeys for sale:
Norfolk Black and Norfolk Bronze turkey eggs for sale at £3 each.

Pure Bred Toulouse Geese:
Adults available. Hatching eggs at £15 each.
Toulouse X Emden Goslings off heat £10 each.

The Rushby Roost Poultry Supplier is based in the county of Norfolk.


Telephone: 0777 590 8274


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