Red Dorking Hatching eggs Cornwall

6 x Red Dorking Hatching eggs (Show Quality birds) £7.50

From our cocks Quintus and Paulinus and our lovely free range girls.

A little bit of History surrounding these fantastic chickens

The Red Dorking is a breed of chicken that is believed to have originated in Italy during the period of the Roman Empire and was introduced in Britain at the time of the Roman conquest making it one of the oldest English breeds. The breed is very docile making it ideal for families. The Red Dorking has a rectangular body with very short, five-toed legs. Red Dorking’s are also well known for their versatility as a breed for both egg and meat production. It is also one of the few breeds with red earlobes that produce a white-shelled egg. The skin colour beneath the feathers is white.

The standard weight is 14 pounds for a cockerel, 10 pounds for a hen, and 7 pounds for a pullet. The hens make great mothers and lay approximately 190 white shelled eggs per year.

All photos are our own and of our birds.

Our birds are freerange and are Defra Registared.

We are continually check the fertility of our eggs and thus far we have above 85% hatch rate.

We post to the UK only and standard delivery which is 1st class is £4.95 for six eggs, and, £7.50 for six eggs with special delivery.
We only post Monday to Thursday so as to avoid sitting in postal offices over the weekend. Eggs can be collected in

Eggs will be posted as soon as funds have cleared

Upon receipt of Eggs leave them to stand at room temperature for 24 hours. Pointy end down before putting under broody or in incubator.

Whilst we cannot guarentee hatching especially after going through the postal system. We are confident in the fertility of our eggs. If at day 10 the eggs candled are infertile, return the eggs in their original packaging and we will be happy to replace them. However, we will not pay any postage costs.

You are welcome to collect the eggs in person.

See our website for information on incubating eggs and brooding chicks.

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