Rare High-Mountain Tibetan Chickens in an Even Rarer 29th Floor Chicken Coup

by David Griffin
(Guangzhou, China)

These are Tibetan Chickens, one is a normal Domestic Tibetan Chicken, and one is a High-Mountain Wild Variety that Lives in the Mountains above Tibet which looks like the Normal Tibetan Chickens except they are slightly smaller, with shorter feathers, and somewhat smaller eggs

One lays light tan eggs, and one lays bluish green eggs, and the Yolk Size and White amount are almost the same as what you get from Large or Extra Large eggs, which is likely due to the extreme Altitude and temperature these chickens live at, requiring them to be more efficient.

Tibetan Chickens have black eyes, black feathers, black beaks, black combs, black skin, black meat, black bones, and black blood, and are a very expensive and rare delicacy prized for their flavor and health benefits

These are our pets and friends, they take some taming, and a lot of work to get comfortable with you.. and we take them on bike rides..

the coup is on the 29th floor of our apartment, and has since been modified and enlarged to come out onto the balcony more.. one actually got out and flew down 29 floors to the ground. Flapping its heart out, he flew completely around the building, miraculously unscathed, we picked her up by the front door of our building.. She now seems very careful to avoid getting close to the edge..

more pics later

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