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Large Fowl Light Sussex -

Large Fowl Light Sussex -

Large Fowl Light Sussex - Gold Laced (Orpington) Black Rosecomb Bantam Lemon Cuckoo Orpington

Power Poultry are a small, family run poultry smallholding based in West Norfolk where (genuinely) the health and quality of our poultry is truly paramount.

All of our birds are free ranged in large enclosures, they are raised and fed on the best GM free diet and are wormed on a regular basis. All are handled from a very young age by children and adults so have a certain level of chicken "social skill". We have sourced breeding stock from a selection of the top "poultry people" in the UK and can at times offer for sale quality birds of varying ages.

All the birds shown live with us here in Norfolk!

About Us

"Power Poultry" is the home of (ready for this? It could be lengthy!) Simon and Karen Power and four little "Power's" (Alexandra 15, Aaron 11, Sky 7 & and Raven 5), then add the horses, the goat, the 6 dogs, the lizards, the 3 legged cat, the hamster and of course - the chickens!

The poultry are our hobby NOT our business! We have selected a small number of breeds that we personally feel are great characters, look stunning and are great as egg layers, meat birds or indeed wouldn't look out of place in the show cage!

When we sell a bird, we ask that if your circumstances change, or if you discover that chickens are not for you, that the bird is returned to us for safe, sensible re-homing. We also make oursleves available to help you on the phone or by email with any questions you may have linked to the welfare or upkeep of your new Power chick! (don't worry how silly the question may sound - we would rather help than have you sat at home worrying!).

Breeds of Chicken We Keep

Different Breeds of chicken that we keep at Power Poultry. Having trouble selecting a chicken breed suit your lifestyle? (or garden size) then please don't hesitate; get in touch!

Buff Orpingtons (Large Fowl)
Blue Orpingtons (Large Fowl)
Barneveleder (Large Fowl)
Dark Brahma
Light Sussex (Bantam)
Pekin Bantam
Sebright (Silver)
Norfolk Grey
Marsh Daisy
Gold Laced Orpington (Large Fowl)
Lemon Cuckoo Orpington (Large Fowl)
Light Sussex (Large Fowl)
Black Orpington (Large Fowl)
Black Orpington (Bantam)

Stock Currently For Sale

All stock sold from Power Poultry is born and raised here - we do not buy in chickens for re-sale! Each chick is wormed, free ranged, conditioned to a peak of health and handled from a young age.

Please do not buy on impulse ! Plan for the arrival of your new family member ensuring housing is in place (and fox proof!), that you have sourced a good local feed merchant and that you and the family have some time each day to spend with your 2 legged family addition.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have before (and after) purchase!

2 x Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Hens - £35.00 each

We have available 2 x Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Hens (Large Fowl). Wormed, bug free and currently free ranging outside in large grass enclosure. Aged 18 weeks.
These girls have been bred from Buff Orps hens that originate from Will Burdett over a Lemon Cuckoo Cock to improve type and size.

2 x Gold Laced (Orpington) Large Fowl girls - £35.00 each

We have available 2 Gold Laced Orpington girls. Currently at 12 weeks old, outside and free ranging.Hatched and raised at Power Poultry. Wormed and bug free.

3 x Buff Orpington Baby Girls - £35.00 Each

We have available 3 x Buff Orpington girls at 12 weeks old. These girls are from our top breeding pen and are sired by Godzilla (3rd at Last years National) and from a hen that was also 3rd at the National in a large class. Although young these girls are looking great and should be worthy of showing.

Trio Large Fowl Light Sussex - £75.00

We have available a breeding trio (1 Cock / 2 Hens) of largefowl Light Sussex. These birds are 1st generation stock from Nick Smith's Sussex stock. Hatched at Power Poultry. 19 weeks old. Showing great potential.

3 x White Pekin Girls - £20.00 Each

We have available 3 x white Pekin Girls.
Currently at 11 weeks old. Outside, bug free and wormed.

2 x Silver Partridge Pekin Girls - £20.00 each

We have available 2 x Silver Partridge Pekin Girls - currently 12 weeks old. Born and raised at Power Poultry and currently free ranging outside in large grass enclosure.

2 x Millie Fleur Pekin Girls - £20.00 each

We have available 2 x Millie Fleur Pekin girls. Currently outside and free ranging. 10 weeks old. Wormed and bug free.

Breeding Trio Black Rosecomb - £45.00

We have available a trio of Black Rosecomb Bantams. (1 cock / 2 hens). Hatched 2010. One young hen just started laying. From the UK's top show strain of Rosecomb's. Wormed / Bug free

Breeding Pair Barnevelder - 2009 Birds - £35.00 pair

We have available a son of Mr Barney cock bird and a Hen (currently coming out of moult).
Proven breeding pair. Well handled. Wormed and bug free. Hatched 2009.

Hatching Eggs

We take every care to ensure that fertile hatching eggs arrive with you "fresh" and in a safe condition. Once we receive your order, we THEN start the process of collecting your eggs and will contact you on the day of despatch.

We are though, in the hands of mother nature, and cannot demand that the chicks bang you out 6 eggs on demand (although our hens are normally very obliging!), so please understand that at times, a slight delay may occur!

Have any questions about our hatching eggs? Then please contact us.

Contact Information
Simon power
Willow Barn
Terrington St John - Norfolk

Tel: 01945 882092

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Aug 02, 2016
Power Poultry NEW
by: Anonymous

I have bought a few hens, mostly Andalusians and Pekins, over the years from Karen and all have been very healthy and well cared for. I still have most of them, can't say better than that. August 2016

Dec 25, 2011
re NEW
by: personal loans

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