Automatic Galvanised Poultry Feeder suitable for all birds from Partridge to Turkeys

Automatic all galvanised steel poultry and game feeder

This automatic Poultry and Game feeder is by far the best I have found for value, ease of use and durability. It is made totally from galvanized steel (unlike some models on the market which have plastic bodies and merely steel legs) which means it will last a lifetime, will not rust and is rat and squirrel proof.

The adjustable height telescopic legs mean it is suitable for all kinds of poultry from patridge, bantams, chickens, to turkeys and game. The bottom is not flat like some other plastic or steel drums automatic poultry and game feeders therefore all the feed is emptied from the bottom first.

The feeder spring and cut-off slide is easily removable for cleaning and to allow you to clear any debris from the feeder spring such as straw and chaff when feeding wheat.

This automatic Poultry and Game Feeder will hold up to 25kg of layers pellets or wheat and the initial cost of investment will certainly soon be returned on the savings you will make from not wasting any of your poultry and game feed.

The birds will soon learn to how to peck at the spring to release their feed which means it is eaten immediately, there is no waste and no vermin will be encouraged by any scattered feed lying around.

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