Poultry Equipment

Having the right Poultry equipment is vital. After deciding on your chicken house or poultry coop, you will find there is a wealth of equipment to choose from, ranging from automatic door openers down to simple scoops for chicken feed.

Automatic Poultry Door Opener

By far the best piece of poultry equipment I have ever purchased was our Automatic Door Opener for the chicken house. Anyone who finds it hard to drag themselves out of bed early in the morning or has to force themselves outside last thing at night will really appreciate how invaluable an automatic door opener is. No more twice-daily rushing outside in all weathers, and there will be no more “Now did I shut the chickens safely away?” thoughts that popping in to your head at 1am!

Chicken Feeders

The size of chicken feeder required will depend very much on the amount of chickens you decide to keep and there is a wide variety of poultry feeders to choose from. I have found a super adjustable height galvanized Automatic Poultry and Game Feeder which uses an automatic spring system which the birds peck at to release the feed and it is suitable for any size of bird from Partridge to Turkeys! Some other poultry feeders operate when a chicken puts weight on a lever (you may find a little gentle encouragement is needed until they make the connection!). Chickens are messy eaters and anti-scratch bars across the top of feeders do help to avoid the feed being scattered across the floor within minutes of it being filled - but 'going automatic' is by far the best option if you wish to deter vermin.

Chicken Drinkers

A fresh water supply available at all times is essential as chickens drink large amounts of water. A particularly ingenious item is the electric heater for animal drinkers you will never have to worry again about your bird’s water supply getting frozen, even with everything our winter throws at us! Raising your poultry drinker off the ground can help it to stay clean for longer but make sure you clean it regularly.

Feed Storage Container

Particularly if your poultry feed is to be stored outside, a strong poultry feed storage container with a secure lid is a must. Most DIY shops will sell suitable containers, along with a simple metal or plastic scoop. A set of scales can also be useful for someone new to keeping poultry.

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