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Are there any poultry articles or articles on keeping chickens lurking inside you screaming to get out? Do you own and run a poultry related business? or just keep chickens at home as a hobby? Have you a poultry event coming up you would like to write about? Or would you just like to write about your backyard flock and just get it published on a website? If so, you will be pleased to know that we are now accepting new submissions. But.....before plunging in at the deep end there are a few important items that will help you and that need to be borne in mind before you submit an article.

1. All items submitted must have a clear relevance to chickens or poultry and must be your own original work.

2. You will want to be proud of your item, so this must be carefully executed and crafted.

3. Please include any .html to be incorporated in the article, making sure to copy and paste from your text editor to avoid any mistakes. One single back-link to your site is permitted. You may write this into your work in whichever way you choose.

4. Please give your submission an appropriate title and include the correct/suggested keywords.

5. Regretfully not all submissions will be published so please make sure you are 100% satisfied with your work before sending it on.

6. Your submission will be dealt with as soon as possible and you will be advised if and when it is published. To this end please make sure you include a valid email address.

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