Passionate about Poultry

by Paul Lutkin

Norfolk Poultry Supplies was set up as a result of a real passion for poultry! Growing up on the family farm I have always been involved with poultry and I became interested in "pure breeds" in 2000 - since then I have bred and exhibited various breeds winning several awards along the way. - see my gallery

I decided to extend my hobby into a business after 11 years of working in the same job feeling that I am well suited and experienced to offer a service to people like myself.

As a chicken keeper I believe I have a good idea of what people need for their poultry and I have tried and tested the products I sell. I am therefore confident that they are of the highest standard and I supply only the best and most suitable products to benefit the user.

A few interesting facts

The largest chicken egg on record weighed over 12 ounces and measured 14 inches round.

Chickens are quite speedy little birds, they can run about 9 miles per hour!

The longest distance flown by any chicken is 301 and a half feet.

The heaviest chicken is 22lbs. (10kg approx.) and belonged to Grant Sullens of West Point, California, USA. This breed of chicken is a' White Sully'. It is known to have a very mean temper as it has been reported to have killed two cats and wounded a dog.

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