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I am a genuine enthusiast always available to 'talk poultry'. I sell POL chickens and fertile eggs either collected or posted. Please ring to arrange viewings

Whether your looking for a few easy to keep hens for the garden, or an experienced chicken keeper looking for quality laying/breeding stock we've got the birds for you.

From our ever-growing collection of utility laying hens and ornamentals sourced from all over the UK we can supply

· Off heat growers ( 8-16 weeks old )

· Point of lay ( 16+ weeks old )

· Day old chicks ( by prior arrangement )

· Fertile eggs, collected or by post

Breeds: aracuana, pekin, silkie, serama, utility RIR, light sussex and maran

We Supply:
Day Old Chicks
Point of Lay Pullets
All Chicken breeds listed above.

We supply hatching eggs which can be either collected or posted.

Hatching eggs cost from £1 per egg plus p + p of approx £3.25 per 6 eggs

Hatching eggs are posted individually wrapped in bubble wrap with an egg box also wrapped in bubble wrap.

This protects the eggs as well as preventing them from overheating unlike the majority of suppliers who use polystyrene egg boxes.

Poultry we stock

My personal favourites and what initiated my interest in poultry;

Araucana; Black and Red

Araucana’s originate from Peru and are famous for laying blue eggs, of which they will lay between 150 and 200 a year.

Although at times flighty they are incredibly hardy birds .

We keep large blacks and bantam reds. The red colour in araucana’s is a new colour which is based on the colour of the Rhode Island Red.

To date Oliver’s Poultry is the only breeder of this new strain.

Although the Serama is an ancient breed it is a relatively new breed to the UK. It is the smallest breed of chicken in the world

Out of the A, B and C classes of Serama size, we keep the smallest class of Serama.

They are good layers often laying throughout the winter months when other birds have stopped. The eggs although small are off unbeatable quality.

In some countries they are kept as house pets due to their placid temperament and quiet nature.

Rhode Island Red:
The ‘Rhodie’ hailing from Rhode Island, USA, is famous for its deep red colour and its egg laying ability. Before the creation of hybrids it was the first choice for the commercial poultry keeper.

We supply large fowl and bantam RIR’s. Bantam RIR’s make excellent backyard birds as they are productive and also ornate with their rich red colouring.

The large fowl RIR we supply descend from John Leach’s flock of utility RIR created over 75 years ago; Unlike other utility rhode island reds they still retain their deep red colouring.
Pekin; milliefleur

The pekin bantam is probably the most popular of all the bantam breeds. With its heavily feathered feet they tend to be less destructive in the garden and their docile nature makes them popular with children.

They are average layers of small white eggs. I have always found Pekins to make excellent mothers.

Silkie: white
Silkies are renowned for their brooding abilities, and their distinctive cotton wool feathers. They are a light breed laying a reasonable amount of eggs.

Often a silkie hen will go from rearing one brood of chicks to sitting another set immediately.

Light Sussex:
The Sussex we supply are a utility strain from the Czech republic.

The Light Sussex is a traditional English breed of chicken bred for meat and egg production.

They are popular with many poultry keepers because they look traditional. They are large birds capable of laying over 200 eggs a year.
All the birds we sell are priced at £17.50 each, trios at £40.

Marans are a French breed of chicken which like the light Sussex were originally bred for meat and egg production.

The strain of Cuckoo Marans we keep is a utility strain capable of producing 200 eggs a year.

Marans are hardy birds and good free rangers.
Please ring for viewings and to check for availability of stock.

We are always receptive to quality/rare stock; Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have something you think maybe of interest to us.

Contact Information
Oliver Adams
Denton near Halesworth Suffolk,

Tel: 07769330911

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