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New Hampshire Red

New Hampshire Red

New Hampshire Red Rhode Island Red Barred Plymouth Rock  White leghorn

North Farm Poultry breed and sell quality pure breed traditional chickens. The breeds are kept in separate pens to ensure true parentage. All of our birds are good examples of the breed and are true to type.

We sell birds from unsexed day olds through to point of lay which in most cases is around 20 weeks.

For novice keepers we suggest buying birds that are at least 10 weeks of age at which point they are able to free range and are capable of fending for themselves. We constantly upgrade our breeding pens to improve the quality and egg laying capabilities.

New Hampshire Red
Very friendly attractive warm red/brown birds with yellow legs and reddish bay eyes. They arrived in the U/K in around 1947 from New Hampshire U.S.A. Good examples of this breed are difficult to find in this country. They are now becoming more desirable due to recent successes on the national show bench 2009.

Rhode Island Red
An all time favourite the R.I.R. has been a popular bird since It’s introduction in around 1905.From Rhode Island U.S.A. Dark red feathering, yellow legs and reddish bay eyes. This breeds genetic material can be found in many commercial egg laying hybrids.

Barred Plymouth Rock
Quiet friendly birds. The hens are famed for being excellent layers. The arrived in the U.K .pre:-1900 From Plymouth U.S.A. The black barring in the female is quite broad giving the bird a dark appearance, they have reddish bay eyes and yellow legs.

White leghorn
This breed was tremendously popular with commercial egg producers untill the 60s.Its laying capacity and ability to produce eggs throughout the winter months made it a winner.A small bird able to forage well for alot of it's diet on free range makes keeping it worthwhile. A breed originaly from Italy in it's most accepted colour (white) a lovely layer of white eggs.

Unsexed day old to 7 days £ 3.50

10 week old pull £ 16.00

P.O.L. pullets (20wks) £ 28.00

Cockerel £14.00

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