Next Door's Chickens

by Sue Bell

My next door neighbours told us about 6 years ago they were going to keep a couple of chickens at the bottom of their garden - which is next to our garden wall - which is right by our front door. We thought ok fair enough...

But they now have 3 chicken coups and about 20 chickens of all variaties. Sadly in the summer the smell is terible. Can you give us some advice that we could pass on to them about keeping down the smell?

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The terrible smell.
by: Anonymous

My first reaction is the 'easy route'. Have a polite word with your neighbours regarding this noxious smell.

My second reaction is to ask whether this is a council house or any such similar type of housing where might be a covenant against keeping a large number of chickens (or any livestock)and last of all

My third reaction is to have a word with your local council asking their 'advice' on this problem.

Good luck.

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