Newland Poultry various pure breed hatching eggs

by Newland Poultry

Newland Poultry, Malvern, Worcestershire have hatching eggs available from the following breeds. All breeding birds are fed on Garvo breeder pellets and have access to large grassed pens.

Large Fowl

Orpingtons in: Buff, Lavender & Black
Black Jersey Giants
Barred Plymouth Rocks
Partridge Cochins
Black smooth and frizzle Cochins


Lavender Pekins
Millefleur Pekins
Chocolate Orpingtons

We also have chicks and hybrid hens for sale all year round, sell Garvo feeds and have a hen 'boarding' service.

Based in Malvern, Worcestershire.
Telephone: 07830 176254

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