Mullberry mill stud

by Joy Thorpe
(Suffolk, England)

Our smallholding in Suffolk ...

Our smallholding in Suffolk ...

Mullberry mill stud is a smallholding in the heart of the Suffolk countryside run by myself and Steve. With both of us having a life-long love of animals and the countryside keeping chickens and ducks had originally been a hobby.

Then a chance hatching of a duck egg (dont ask, long story) made us change direction and turn our hobby into a small business.

We specialise in rare breed chickens, bantams being our particular favourite, but also other rare breeds that appeal to us.

We have branched into turkeys, pheasant and quail as well as the chickens and ducks which we have been raising for now for many years.

All our pure breed poultry are kept in pens on grass where possible to ensure the chicken breeds remain pure. New rare breed chickens are bought in whenever required, although some breeds are so difficult to source, we can travel many miles in the car!!!

We hatch and rear each breed every year to both replenish our own stock and establish additional breeding pens when needed. The surplus is available for sale and we try to ensure that we have stock of each rare breed available at some point during the year for those of you that just must have it!

We have started rearing and producing chickens and turkeys for the table now aswell. These birds are kept in open straw filled barns with access to the outside. They have loads of room and plenty to keep them occupied!

Like all our chickens they are fed on the best quality poultry food, with fresh greens and other treats. We rear them for at least 12 weeks and usually longer, then they are despatched at home, and hand plucked and dressed. They can be collected from us or delivery can be arranged locally.

Nearly forgot to mention Sally, the laziest cat in the world, whos mission in life is not to move from the kitchen worktop, so her role as ratter has been taken by our free range Turkey - Buster, who has is own facebook page) and Bronwen the Goose who do an excellent job.

We welcome visitors with an appointment, so if you want to collect some free range eggs, buy some rare breed chickens or just have a look round Mullberry Mill Stud, please get in touch, we would be very pleased to see you.

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Definately a 5 star Breeder!
by: Anonymous

Keep living the Dream Joy!

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