Mia's Chicken Story

by Mia King
(Stoke On Trent)

My Daddy and I have four chickens, and I help Daddy to look after them when I go to stay at my Daddy's house. We feed them layers pellets and give them poultry grit to help them eat their food properly (as chickens don't have teeth) they need this to help them to chew their food and not get a blocked crop or anything. When one of our little chickens was ill we took her into the house and bathed her eye for a few days with cold tea and once she was better she went back outside to the Hen House again.

Mia King
Aged 9

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Well done!
by: Tom (jessies Hens)

Well done to Mia and her daddy! Cold tea (without milk and sugar) is a fantastic old remedy that really does work on sticky eyes and some wounds!
I am told it is due to the tannin in tea which is a natural antiseptic! Take care though if using on a bigger area as other hens may like the taste,and peck at the area.Well done Mia lovely story!

Lovely Story!
by: Joyce

Lovely story Mia so glad your chicken got better.

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