Hulver Hens Beccles

by lewis seaman
(beccles, suffolk )

white d anver chick

white d anver chick

At Hulver Hens we keep breed and show pure breeds of poultry to a high standard and are aim to to help people to keep pure breed poultry to a show standard.are birds are feed top quality feed to insure they are healthy and fit to breed from. we are based on the out skirts of beccles suffolk.

Breeds we keep are
Orpington, belgian d anver, belgian d uccle, Japanese bantams, Chinese painted quail, barred wyandottes, lavender wyandotte, millfluer wyandotte, buff laced wyandotte, blue laced wyandotte, black pekin, mottled pekin, ko shamo, german langshan,large shamo, silkie, black old english game , pile dutch, rhode island red bantams, light sussex.

We sell birds from egg,day old up to point of lay


Lewis Seaman

Tel: 01502 476228 from 4 pm till 9 pm


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