January's Competition Prize
the Haynes Chicken Manual
by Laurence Beekin

Haynes Chicken Manual by Laurence Beekin

The Haynes Chicken Manual is the latest innovative Haynes Manual and will provide a complete and easy-to-understand reference book for the growing band of people now keeping chickens for both food and pleasure.

It is pitched at the novice but also contains plenty to interest the experienced chicken-keeper. The Chicken Manual contains no-nonsense advice, tips, facts and step-by step sequences with plenty of relevant photographs and diagrams.

More people keep chickens nowadays than at any time since the Second World War, this book is a timely addition to the Haynes manual range.

The author Laurence Beeken has kept poultry for 20 years both as a back-garden hobby and for exhibition, showing at National level. He has contributed to Kitchen Garden magazine, providing articles and pictures covering all aspects of poultry-keeping, from egg to plate.

This is deffinately a 'must have' book for anyone new to keeping chickens but even if you have kept poultry for years you will still find there's plenty to interest you!

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