Hatching Eggs and Rearing Chicks

Many chicken keepers like to try hatching eggs and rearing chicks of their own and here are a few of the main points to concider.

Firstly it is essential that you start with fertile eggs either from your own birds if you keep a cockerel or by buying in. This can be from a local breeder or from the many listed on auction sites such as ebay.

Hatching Eggs for Sale

If you have any hatching eggs for sale please let us know we will be happy to list them for you.

Hatching Eggs For Sale

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Hatching Eggs Mullberry Mill Stud Suffolk 
At Mulberry Mill Stud we specialise in rare breed poultry, quality breeding, and farm reared meat. Fertile hatching eggs available until September. …

Dark Brown Hatching Eggs 
Good quality dark brown hatching eggs from my English Cuckoo Marans. High fertility even after posting. Free ranging stock fed only on the best quality …

ChickenStreet Pure Rare Breed Poultry 
Hatching Eggs available now Bantam and Large Fowl, for either collection from Shropshire or posted on Next Day Delivery: Bantam Brown Leghorn …

Red Dorking Hatching eggs Cornwall Not rated yet
6 x Red Dorking Hatching eggs (Show Quality birds) £7.50 From our cocks Quintus and Paulinus and our lovely free range girls. A little bit of History …

Clydach Poultry Not rated yet
Clydach Poultry! Breeders & Suppliers of quality poultry throughout the heart of Wales. Providing many breeds of chickens & ducks. We also provide …

Chocolate Orpington bantam eggs Cambs Not rated yet
Hatching eggs available from our gorgeous chocolate Orpingtons. Free range, healthy parent stock with deep, glossy plumage. Fertility and vitality of the …

Supreme Poultry Not rated yet
A & J Poultry are a family owned business located in the South West of England, specialising in breeding rare and traditional breeds of chickens, ducks, …

Newland Poultry various pure breed hatching eggs Not rated yet
Newland Poultry, Malvern, Worcestershire have hatching eggs available from the following breeds. All breeding birds are fed on Garvo breeder pellets and …

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Be aware that to get quality birds you have to start with quality eggs laid by healthy birds who really are the breed stated by the seller.

Once you've got over the first hurdle of where to get your hatching eggs, the next question is whether to rely on nature and utilize a broody hen to use an artificial incubator .

Broody Hen and Chicks Broody Hens
Whilst there are many breeds that will go broody at the drop of a hat, using this as an excuse not to lay you any eggs, and peck you every time you go near, it does not mean that they have the temperament to actually see the eggs through to hatching, or even if they do, to successfully raise the chicks.

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Chicktec Incubator from Wells Poultry Artificial Incubation
There are many types of incubators on the market from small manually operated ones to larger fully automatic models. Rule of thumb is that the bigger the model the more reliable the temperature control and humidity levels.
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This is just a brief guide as it would take a book to go into all the detail but a few more main points to bear in mind are:

1. Not all eggs that you set will be fertile, and not all of those will make it as far as hatching day, some will die in the shell before then

2. Not all fertile eggs that have made it to day 21 will hatch, but while you can see or feel movement in the shell don’t give up, some will take a little longer than others. Do not be tempted to help chicks out of the shell, these usually end up dying anyway.

3. Not all chicks from the hatching eggs will survive, there are always weaker ones that just fail to thrive.

4. And finally and most important of all approximately 50% of all the chicks you hatch will be cockerels.

If you cannot keep these yourself it is highly unlikely you will be able to rehome them. Be prepared to cull them or if they are a larger breed raise them for the table.

If you cannot responsibly deal with any cockerels that you hatch, then maybe you need to give second thoughts to hatching eggs at all!

All the points made above may give you an idea as to why young chickens are not given away free, and we haven’t even mentioned the increasing price of feed yet...

We are happy to try and answer any questions you may have on hatching eggs, breeding and rearing chicks just contact us using the contact form.

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