Gloucester Poultry

Gloucester Poultry are committed to breeding healthy, happy birds. Chickens make wonderful pets for both adults and children, especially if the hens have been handled from day one to ensure that they are friendly and can be picked up easily.

All our chickens are free range, with their welfare being of the utmost importance.Our breeding stock is carefully selected, and are healthy beautiful birds.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by either email or by phone. We prefer you to choose your birds personally when you call to see us (although sometimes the birds will choose you!)

The Breeds of Chickens We Sell

Japanese Bantams
Transylvanian Naked Neck
Silver Laced Wyandotte


Rhode Rock
White Sussex
Willows (a new Hybrid created by us)

We currently have the following for sale:

Pure Breeds

Orpingtons all ages and colours (chocolate, gold laced, buff, etc)

Poland (silver, gold laced and chamois) hens £20 cockerels free

Trio buff orpingtons POL - £40
Trio blue orpingtons POL - £40
Trio back orpintons POL - £40
Trio Milfleur pekins 2009 - £30
Buff laced wyandotte - 2 hens 2010 - £25 each
Pair ixworth P.O.L. £30 pair
Trio partridge pekins - 2010 - £30
Naked neck cockerels black 2010 - £10


Bluebells / Rhode Rocks POL -£15
Columbian Blacktail POL- £12
Light Sussex POL - £15
Rhode Island Red x Barnevelder (young stock) £10


Cayuga £15
Aylesbury £15
Runner ducks (drakes left only) £5
Call ducks £15

Ex Free Range Hens

We have some commercial free range hens that are in need of good homes. These birds are only kept for one season by the companies and are then either sold out or sent for animal feed. We took in approximately 100 of these birds. They were almost featherless when we got them due to pecking each other, and they were also going into their first moult. They are now feathered up nicely.Ideal for homes wanting eggs for the family; will still produce large numbers of eggs next season and beyond. (£4.50each)

Contact Details:

Jackie or Wendy
Tel: 07841 248759

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