ex bats meet the cats

by andrew

We saw a few articles about keeping chickens and decided we'd give it a go. We decided to go for ex bats - to get even more of that "good feeling".

We asked around and everyone said that there shouldn't be a problem with our two rescue cats getting along with the birds - we were worried about finding feathers everywhere...

So we got the hen house sorted, picked up the ex bats and let them roam the garden for the first few days.

This was last spring - so seedlings were starting to appear. The hens loved these - they'd probably never tasted sunflower stalk before.

Then the cats started to hunt the chickens. We watched with morbid curiousity as one of our cats crawled on its belly up behind the chickens, it got ready to pounce. And then, the chicken effectively back flipped and tuck a tuft of hair out of the cat! She promptly became known as Scary Mary.

The cats now give the chickens a wide birth and my sunflowers are now fenced in. :-)

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