Eikenburger bantam

by Jan den Hollander

Eikenburger Bantams

Eikenburger Bantams

Eikenburger bantams look like white Sebrigts and are a rare breed. I got me some white Eikenburgers from a friendly vetenary living in Terneuzen. Quite a journey ( mostly through Belgium ) to get there. Did breed some Sebrights over the years, but the Eikenburger was a

breed i had heard about years ago and fascinated me.

The breed
Created by a breeder during the '70 (a notary living in Eindhoven my home town) close to my home and former work//employment location.
True, sentiment was one of the reasons searching for the breed. There are even some simularyties in the way the breed was created according to the creation of Sebrights by Sir Sebright as i'm told.

The notary gave his instructions to his gardener/employe how to act, like sir Sebright to his mister Hobs. The whole story behind the breed is amazing.

This vetenary in Terneuzen, did rescue the breed just in time from exstinction. There were only a few birds left he knew of (3 or 4). and even now there number is low, perhaps just a few 100 in our country and some abroad.

During life the notary did give away some birds but time washed out most of there tracks. So if anyone know lets hear.
Later on the vet and friends also did give away eggs and birds so there must be living Eikenburgers abroad, like in South Africa and Finland.
It is said the breed is named after its creator but that's not true (the creators name is Verhaege) it's named after the location it's created. Eikenburg in Eindhoven, but Eikenburg is also a well known name of a location in Bergeijk home town of the notary's employe. Perhaps both are honered in combination by this name. If anyone knows please let me hear. Search Eikenburg in Google (picture) i'm sure google will find some photo's of the breed.

This site (www.xinixx.nl)is an attempt to link breeders with eachother to exchange information. Althoug the language is mostly Dutch, You living abroad and being a breeder of, or just intrested in Eikenburger chickens, your are also welcome to join. Let google translate if nessesary

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