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Eeksie Peeksie Ceramics is run by Venetia from a croft in the North East of Scotland with her husband, dad and two very boisterous teenagers. This business combines two of their great passions, animals and ceramics. The chicken section of her ceramics range is full of poultry gifts and kitchenware and they're not just for the poultry collector.

One of my favourite products is a beautiful large white teapot decorated with the design of a brown warren hen on the front and a colourful cockerel on the back and a miniature warren hen on the lid. It is both practical and eye-catching and is suitable for the dishwasher. It measures 5" in height and is a 6-cup teapot.

They moved to Scotland nearly 8 years ago and from the moment they arrived Venetia became an avid collector of animals and poultry. What started with chickens, soon turned into dogs, cats, Shetland ponies, goats and latterly ducks.

As the menagerie grew so did Venetia's love of farmyard ceramics and when she found it difficult to source affordable and interesting kitchenware based on her animal passion.

She started producing these items and selling them through local farmers markets, fayres and retail outlets alongside this website. Many of you may already have found her througb face-book and for those of you on face-book it does become something of an addiction. Venetia has met many inspirational business women both online and face-to-face and is grateful for all the help she has had along her journey so far.

She wants her products to be different from the rest, affordable and more than anything, to bring a smile to the recipient's face and when you take a look at her ceramics you're sure to agree she has succeeded.

These items make thoughtful presents and because they are a small business they can adapt and personalise your products to suit you.

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