Duchess has turned into a Duke!!

by Jackie Cooper

In December 2009 we rescued two ex-battery hens Queenie and Duchess and have spent many happy times with them and also enjoyed their lovely eggs,Duchess however stopped laying last November and we presumed this was due to the seasonal moult, she then started some very peculiar behavour, pecking Queenie(till we had to seperate them)making funny crowing noises her cockscomb and wattles started to grow at an alarming rate as did her stature and gait need less to say she has never layed another egg and is slowly turning into a ROOSTER.

Sadly Qeenie died last week(many tears shed)by us all, Duchess or should I say Duke .is missing her terribly but dont feel Ican get HER/HE another companion because of the feather pecking. Has anybody got any ideas or had a hen that has turned into a cock, it is so sad that "The Duke" is destined to a life on his own now.

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by: Anonymous

Duke is probably a closet hermaphrodite, i.e., has both male and female reproductive organs.

Maybe Roast or Casseroled Duke is on the menu.

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