D & T Poultry

by Tara

We supply pure breed,rare breed and hybids in suffolk & norfolk. Chickens, Bantams, Geese, Emus & Rheas.

We are based in wattisfield inbetween diss and Bury St Edmunds.
We take pride in the birds we keep making sure they are in perfect condition before they leave.

We keep birds in stock most of the year, and keep a few rare breeds so if your looking for that something different, why not book an appointment,

We keep brahmas, cochins, la freche, vorweck,ixworth, orpingtons, also good laying hens such as the goldline, light sussex,maran and speckledy.
Bantams such as pekins in various colours black,lavender, white,lemon, millefleur, including frizzles and sebrights.

We have geese available all year around either embden or toulose.

We do tailor made hen housing to suit your individual requirements as we understand that practical sometimes isnt always fashionable, and we try to cater for everyone.

We also run an incubation service (cost per egg) but if you would to incubate some eggs without having the huge expense of buying an incubator yourself, please give us a call.

Coming soon Rhea & Emu chicks, please call to reserve yours now.

Please call Tara for stock availibilty....

D & T Poultry

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