Clydach Poultry

by Callum Griffiths

Clydach Poultry!

Breeders & Suppliers of quality poultry throughout the heart of Wales.
Providing many breeds of chickens & ducks. We also provide a selection of poultry equipment and accessories.

Clydach Poultry

~ Fertile Eggs ~ Day Old Chicks ~ Pullets & Cockerels ~ Point of Lay Hens ~ Ducks ~ Guinea Fowl

Our Breeds:

• Welsummers • Light Sussex • Indian Game • Silkie (White, Gold, Partridge) • Orpington (Buff) • Goldtop • Bwl Brown • Pekin (Buff, Lavender),• Sablepoots, • Modern Game, Guinea Fowl • Goldline & Muscovy Ducks.

“Offering poultry at all life stages from egg to adult”

We also can provide: Farm Gate feeds, Corn (whole & rolled), As well as a range of poultry feeders, drinkers, gift-ware, housing & accessories.

And from time to time a small selection of Plants & shrubs!

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