CluckBuddy Chicken Coop

Cluckbuddy front of hen house with hen

New for Summer 2012 the CluckBuddy chicken coop has been designed and manufactured here in the UK by a small company run by urban chicken enthusiasts who set out to develop the perfect chicken coop. They believe they have done just that.

This 100% recycled plastic chicken coop with it’s slot together design is unique and it has been designed with the intention of revolutionising the way we keep chickens. It has been specifically designed to accommodate the needs of ex-battery hens as well as normal laying hens.

For your chickens, perhaps the most important feature to point out is it’s impossible for Red Mite to infest the coop as it’s made from recycled plastic that slots together leaving no where for them to hide. They are a common problem and its hard to get rid of them… until now.

The Cluck Buddy is also very hygienic, big enough for 3 large hens (inline with DEFRA guidelines) and is both cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Cluckbuddy opening the hen house This new coop also makes life very easy for the owner, with features such as the “lean back” cleaning system. This allows you to pivot the whole coop onto its back and spray with a hose for a thorough, hygienic clean.

For routine cleaning there is also the removable rubber floor mat which covers the whole coop. The distinctive pivoting roof is weather and predator proof, with the added security of an integrated locking handle. It also takes and automatic door opener (which is available as an option).

We asked battery hen expert Jo Barlow to put the CluckBuddy to the test at her farm in Cornwall (during the wettest weather for the last 100 years!) and said the following: “I think you have a real winner here and can only say well done, you have obviously put in a lot of thought and hard work. My main concerns for a coop are security, comfort and being easy to clean. It is brilliant on all of these!!”

Could this be the next big thing in the poultry world? Available now at for only £297 including UK Delivery. International delivery available.

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