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Chicken Coops Direct are a leading retailer for affordable top quality chicken coops and hen houses - you will find it hard to find a supplier to match them.

Their online store offers a simple shopping experience, it's very easy to find exactly the type of chicken house you are looking for and they offer exceptional customer service.

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The Sussex Chicken House

Sussex Chicken House

The Sussex chicken house is just one of many designs and has a unique look - you can see why it is one of their best sellers.

This popular chicken house is perfect if you are just starting out and want to keep 2 to 4 average size chickens - more if you choose bantams.

The heavy duty, waterproofed slanted roof keeps everything nice and dry, even during the worst weather conditions.

There's a clever door opening mechanism which allows you to open the door conveniently from the outside.

Cleaning the chicken coop is a quick and simple with a pull out tray under the nesting area.

The workmanship that has gone into producing it shows in it's beautifully finished detail.

I highly recommend Chicken Coops Direct to give you a top quality chicken coop at a price much lower than any other. return to My Chicken House Home Page

Chicken Coops Direct