Chicken Cage and Poultry Cages from Harrod Horticultural

Chicken Cage from Harrod Horticultural

Harrod Horticultural offer two options of Chicken Cage and both currently have a 10% Online Discount on their price so it is deffinately a good time to buy. The Heavy Duty Steel Poultry Cage is made of galvanised and powder coated steel and includes a heavy duty extruded polyethylene poultry side netting which has a 16mm x 16mm square mesh. They are the ultimate for Chicken Cage for durability.

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Aluminium Chicken Cage from Harrod Horticultural

The Aluminium walk-in Chicken Cage is an extremely cost effective Poultry Cage option. (again with a 10% online discount on price) They are lightweight have a natural finish and and again supplied complete with all heavy duty netting, all fixings and one poultry cage door as standard.

Chicken Cages are a perfect choice if you really want to free-range your hens during the day but do not want them to have access to the entire garden (including your much loved fruit and vegetable plot). Nowadays, for a lot of people keeping chickens and growing your own veg go hand in hand and this is certainly an easy solution to keep the two apart.

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For an extra protection if you do have a particular problem with Foxes being around in the daytime in your area it is advisable to re-enforce the bottom of the chicken run with an additional galvanised welded wire mesh. This is no ordinary chicken wire; instead, it's a 0.8mm thick, electro-welded, galvanised beast of a mesh unlike some chicken wire, this mesh cannot be pulled out of shape which can sometimes lead to a fox gaining acess.

It is always the best policy however, to ensure your chickens (like my own hens) are all safely tucked up in the Chicken Coop safely at night well away from Mr Fox!

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