Chicken App

by Alan Herbert
(Hertfordshire, UK)

We are keen Chicken Keepers here in Potters Bar, Herts as Chickens proved ideal pets for our son who has an allergy to pet hair - feathers are fine.

His second love is technology, especially his mac, and he has just finished writing an iPhone, iPod and iPad app all about keeping chickens, which is a great achievement for a 14 year old i'm sure you will agree.

Obviously we are very proud of him as all parents are of their children, and so I am doing my bit as his dad to tell those in the wonderful world of Poultry about his new App.

iChicken is a great new App for chicken keepers, written and created exclusively for iOS devices such as the iPod Touch, iPhone 3, iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4. It will run happily on your iPad too, and an iPad specific version is already in the pipe line.

This App is crammed with great information about keeping chickens, with sections dedicated to the Health of your hens and even how to care for them on a day to day basis.

iChicken is the perfect companion for those of us who already have chickens, and also as a great guide to assist and inspire others who are considering keeping chickens in the future.

Take a look into our features section, to see just how much detailed information is included. There are even some great fun extras that help you make the most of this App, and let you share your images with the built in gallery feature.

You can find out more about his app hopefully that will show you what he has been working so hard on.

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New iPad Version - Coming Soon
by: Alan Herbert

Whilst we have iChicken working fine on our iPads [1 & 2] a couple of people are having a problem with the Breeds section.
Toby is 'burning the midnight oil' and busily building an iPad specific version of the iChicken App. As the iPad displays content quite differently to the iPhone / iPod Touch, there is a fair bit of work involved but rest assured I will let you know as soon as it is released.
Thank you all for showing an interest in his hard work and a special thanks to those who have already downloaded it. He plans to add regular updates to the App as he gathers more details.

Chicken types
by: Lindy

I downloaded the app. For my iPad, the types of chickens isn't working?

Well Done
by: Anonymous

Your son has done well and only 14 years old - can't wait to try out the App!

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