Can Hen (Houses) Fly?

by Sarah Davies

I have always wanted to keep chickens as I have been obsessed with the thought of happily skipping along the path to collect lovely warm golden eggs every morning. In the spirit of recycling and rescuing I rescued 5 ex battery hens from the British Hen Welfare.

Watching my lovely, if a little scabby, chickens learning to walk, peck and climb the ladder into their new home was awesome. Their new home was a two tier wooden house Build by my boyfriends own fair hands. It was not an exceptionally beautiful thing but then neither were my chickens so no one was complaining.

Living on a terrace row with a garden higher than the roof of my house, the chickens had a magnificent view of wonderful forestry and the opportunity to bok at any one walking on the pavement below.

Now heed this warning all ye who live on a hill, I once came home in the pitch black after a particularly windy day to find my entire hen house upside down on my garage roof!! Amazing super strength chickens I hear you ask? A particularly strong quick witted fox? Nay a small gust of wind had blown the hen house over and gravity had played its part...rolling it all the way down the garden , hitting a rut and landing on the garage roof!

The Chickens? Well they were all still safe in their garden pen bokking loudly at me wondering where their bed had gone. Bless them. (So Hen (Houses) can fly!)

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Lucky there was no fox about!
by: Anonymous

This could have ended so badly if the quick-witted fox had been about - lucky you!

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