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At Cambridge Poultry we are proud to rear our own chickens from day old chicks to point of lay. Why not come and see where and how our hens have been reared and nurtured before you purchase. Our free range rearing method allows all our chickens fresh pasture and provides each hen the space to roam outside from a young age.

We rear 8 different breeds of bird, all of which have been bred for their egg laying qualities which can be found on our chickens for sale page. We vaccinate all our hens ourselves ensuring you get the healthiest poultry possible.

Looking after chickens is very easy and keeping them will give you a good supply of eggs throughout the year and really bring your garden to life. Keeping chickens is an extremely rewarding pastime giving you many hours of pleasure with the added benefit of your very own free range eggs.

We provide free advice for beginners. We can also supply houses for your chickens, which can be seen here on the farm including the Omlet Eglu Go which we supply with 3 FREE Point of Lay Chickens!!

We welcome anyone to the farm but please call first to arrange a visit

Cambridge Poultry (Point of Lay Chickens)
Adam and Anna Paul, Bottisham Place, High Street, Bottisham, Cambridge, CB25 9BB

Telephone 07505 619162 or 01223 820697
or Email Us at

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Best place by far for hens in Cambridge!
by: Chickens!

Ok so I have bought hens from a few suppliers in Cambs and have done my research as to how and where they are raised and bred and have also bred some of my own hens so I think I know a good supplier when I see one and thats why I have and continue to Recomend this family run business.
If you are making the effort to be a little bit more self sufficant then I am sure like me you would like to buy the very best hens possible that have not been bought and then transported just to be sold on for a profit and nowhere else in cambridge Hand rears and raises their flocks free range like cambridge poultry. They do all the hard work themselves from chick to point of lay inc all vaccinations and worming so the hens have not been shipped from a large poultry supplier then sold on for profit within a few weeks lke many other suppliers. They are used to human contact from a very young age and soon settle well in their new home.
Anna and Paul are there to give any advice and help before and after too.
Their range of hens and prices are excellent.
When you are considering buying hens for the first time or adding to an exsisting flock I strongly reccomend you shop around, take a day just visiting the various suppliers and asking questions, some questons I find helpful when buying from any supplier or breeders are
"How long have you had these chickens?"
"Have you vaccinated, wormed and checked for lice on them yourselves?"
"Do you disinfect the coops or sheds with each new flock you raise or buy from a supplier to avoid diseases and cross contamination?"
"Are they free range"

If the seller does not raise the hens themselves I would strongly advise that you find out what supplier they come from and check that they are a reputable poultry supplier.

I look at buying hens like any other animal Ie, if you were to buy kitten or puppy would you buy direct from the breeder where you can see they have been raised and treated from birth so you can apprieciate the time, effort and cost of the animal or would you buy from someone who runs a business selling kittens and puppies on for profit after buying from breeders for a cheaper price than they paid once all the hard work has been done?

Cambridge Poultry Review
by: Anonymous

Cambridge poultry is the only free range place that hand rear their chicks from day 1, the other one you sadly cannot remember the name to though u have the use of a computer to find it out buy them in at 15 weeks old and then sell them on for profit, they do nothing but feed and house them for a couple of weeks.
Cambridge poultry however do everything frOm scratch, they cannot just magic hens out of thin air as it takes 16 weeks for them raise them to their high standards. If U are happy to buy a hen that way that is your right, most people however care enough to buy hens raised by proper farmers who have done so for years and not just started selling out of their back garden!
When i buy i like to buy local and support our city and farming community, when we have local suppliers doing hard work to earn a honest living.

Lovely People and very helpful
by: Amber

Bought 3 hens from Anna and paul at Cambridge poultry a few weeks ago, very helpful when selecting the best breeds for egg laying and children, he even clipped their wings for me showing me how to do it for the future.
Excellent communication both before and after buying from them and would buy from again.

Very pleased with Cambridge Poultry
by: Anonymous

I was very pleased with the hens I purchased from Cambridge Poultry. Their customer service and after care advice was good too and I have no problems in recommending them as a top poultry breeder in Cambridgeshire!

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