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Want to Buy Live Chickens Shropshire from a recommended Poultry Supplier? or want to buy some live hens or bantams from a knowledgable Shropshire Chicken Breeder then our buyers guide complete with customer reviews will help you to find the right Breeder or Chicken Supplier for you.

There is a review form on each Suppliers and Breeders page where you can read other customer comments and and leave your own feedback. With your help this guide will grow into the best Buyers Guide of recommended Poultry Suppliers to help other poultry keepers when buying live poultry,chickens,hens or bantams. We all remember what it's like when you first decide to raise chickens at home and start raising backyard poultry for the very first time and any advice at this time is always welcome...

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HomeBarn Poultry Not rated yet
At HomeBarn Poultry we breed a variety of rare breed chickens and bantams. These include: Speckled & Buff Sussex, Partridge Pekins, Partridge Silkies, …

Based in Shropshire, our range of poultry breeds provides something for everyone interested in keeping chickens. From the small friendly breeds like the …

Alisons Poultry Shropshire  Not rated yet
The breeds of chickens that I like to keep range from the very rare Vorwerk to the more traditional British breeds of chickens like the Sussex - I have …

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