Barling Poultry Southend-on-sea

by Kerri

Barling Poultry keep free range poultry and waterfowl in Essex. We are keen to support people to keep some hens at home, at the expense of ‘battery farms’.

Most people nowadays realise why supermarkets can sell eggs and chicken so cheaply - because of intensive factory farming. This type of farming system means hens spend their very short lives confined in small cages with lots of other hens. EU law means each hen has 550cm squared floor space (less than a sheet of A4 paper!).

Nothing beats the taste of your very own freshly laid eggs, and keeping chickens at home and raising chicks is really fun! They have fantastic little characters, are generally easy to care for, require little maintenance and are just nice to have around.

Poutry for Sale
Black Rocks £18
(Black with a green sheen, some bronze flecks neck markings - brown egg layer)
(Bred from crossing the Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock. The breed originated by Peter Siddons in the East of Scotland, but the parent stock have recently changed hands and none are available until 2010/11. The Black rocks we have available are the same crosses but do not originate from Scotland).
Blacktails £18
(Light brown/ginger hen traditionally used in battery farms. Lays a brown egg).
Amberlinks £18
(Black bird with white flecks in neck. Lays white, cream or brown egg).
Sussex Ranger £18
(White bird with black flecks in neck. Lays a cream or brown egg).
Bluebirds £18
(Dark Lavendar coloured bird. White, cream, brown or dark brown egg).
Maran Cou Cou £18
(Black and white spotted bird. Brown or dark brown egg).

Note: All hens are friendly and easy to tame varieties. They are supplied having been vaccinated and reared free range.

Pekin Drakes £8
Hubbard 2 week old chicks £1.35 each (unsexed)

Contact Details:
Tel 01702 500776 or 07716 367858

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