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My chicken house is an online poultry community designed for you to share your tips on raising backyard chickens and chicken keeping from choosing the right poultry supplier - read our buyers reviews guide - poultry housing, chicken coop or luxury hen house to finding the best poultry equipment and supplies and all the extra help and poultry advice you need along the way.

Share your experiences of keeping chickens from what types of chickens are for you - where to find a recommended poultry supplier - how to raise chicks - what do your chickens eat - and what are your most common chicken problems and poultry ailments you have faced.

You can create your own free web page on raising backyard chickens and upload your favourite poultry, chicken and hen pictures, even include links to 'youtube' videos or simply publish your poultry story on a web page so family, friends and the rest of the world can see your chickens!

List for free on our poultry ads pages - just remember to let us know when items are no longer available for sale! Poultry suppliers can also request a free listing on our poultry suppliers pages but we would appreciate a link back to my chicken house and if you have chicken coops for sale let us know.

My chicken house is your community and will grow with your help - the way you want it to - so stop by now and again have a coffee, catch up with friends and above all tell us all about you and your chickens!

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Raising Backyard Chickens, Read Reviews on Poultry Suppliers in Your Area, find Poultry Housing, Equipment, Chicken Supplies and Create Your very own Free Chicken Page.
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My Chicken House Shop list all the essential Poultry Equipment and Books you need for Raising Chickens at Home
Chicken Cage, Poultry Cages from Harrod Horticultural Now with 10% Discount
Chicken Cage and Poultry Cages at Harrod Horticultural, Buy Now with a 10% Online Discount, a great way to keep Chickens away from your Vegetable Garden
Chicken Coops Direct
Chicken Coops Direct supply affordable and well made chicken coops and hen houses, with 25% Off Prices Sale Now On and a Money Back Guarantee they've got to be the best!
Rehoming Ex Battery Hens
Tips on Rehoming Ex Battery Hens,
Save £25 on this Dorset Chicken Coop from Chicken Coops Direct,
Just enter our monthly Competition for your chance to win a £25 Voucher to spend towards any Chicken Coop from ChickenCoopsDirect
Poultry Supplier and Chicken Breeder Buyers Guide
Buyers Guide of where to find a Poultry Supplier and Chicken Breeder complete with Buyer Reviews
Raising chickens a guide on how to raise chickens at home
Raising Chickens,Starting with Chickens, a complete guide on how to Raise Chickens at Home.
Chicken problems for common problems with keeping chickens
Some of the most common chicken problems you will find raising backyard chickens, keeping chickens
Common Chicken Predators,
Chicken Predators, when the hobbyist decides to let chickens out to range in the green grass and warm sunshine, the poor chickens become 'sitting ducks' to various neighbourhood predators.
Your Poultry Story
Write your Poultry Story and create a Free website page.
Poultry Houses
Chicken coops and chicken houses come in many shapes and sizes from simple poultry houses to luxury hen houses.
Poultry Equipment
Having the right poultry equipment is vital after choosing the poultry house or chicken coop
Electric fencing kits from Chicken Coops Direct
Electric fencing kits are ideal when keeping chickens, as any small scale poultry keeper will tell you...
Hatching Eggs
When hatching eggs and rearing chicks of your own be aware that to get quality birds you have to start with quality eggs laid by healthy birds
A Glossary of Chicken terms for anyone new to Raising Backyard Chickens
A glossary of Chicken Terms for anyone new to Raising Backyard Chickens and Chicken Keeping
Poultry Keeping News
Poultry Keeping News and News on Keeping Chickens and Hens from the Poultry Keeper
Poultry Photos and Chicken Breed Images with Poultry Breed Information
Upload your poultry photos and chicken pictures here to enter this months photo competition
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Links to poultry websites and other websites we think may be of interest to you to
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Contact us at www.my-chicken-house we will be pleased to hear from you and why not enter our monthy competition
Chicken Keeping Courses, training course on how to keep chickens.
Chicken Keeping Courses, training courses for keeping chickens, how to handle hens and general poultry care and advice.
Red Mite in the Chicken House
Red Mite infestation is one of the most annoying problems many poultry keepers will face in the chicken house
Buy live chickens shropshire,
Want to buy live chickens shropshire area, read reviews on poultry suppliers and chicken breeders in shropshire
Poultry Articles
Submit your Chicken Articles and Poultry Articles here
Eeksie Peeksie Ceramics
Eeksie Peeksie Ceramics specialises in farmyard gifts and affordable and interesting kitchenware
Chicken Wire Netting
galvanised mesh chicken wire netting designed for poultry cages and runs where foxes are a problem

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